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IRS certified software provider

IRS certification is compulsory to offer online filing services and takes the honor of presenting itself as one of the IRS certified software provider. An IRS Authorized e-file Provider for Tax Form 2290 online filing is a business or organization approved by the IRS to take part in IRS e-file of Tax Form 2290 online. It could be a sole ownership, partnership, corporation, or other establishment. As said in the IRS website:

IRS needs all tax preparation software used for processing electronic returns to pass the prerequisites for advanced e-File Assurance Testing (ATS) as briefly explained below:

  • IRS gives a distribution that incorporates a series of test tax returns and details. These publications can be read on the MeF User Guides and Publications page:
    • Publication 1436 for individual returns
    • Publication 5078 for business returns
    • Software vendors inform IRS at the e-help Desk (1-866-255-0654) that they intend to test and offer a list of forms they plan to incorporate in their tax preparation software.
    • Note: IRS does not need software vendors to help all forms. They are permitted to build up their tax preparation software based on the requirements of their clients.
  • Software supplier uses the test situations in the distributions above to make test returns and format in the predefined Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.
  • The software vendor sends the XML formatted test tax returns to IRS.
  • An e-help Desk assistant checks data entry fields on the return.
    • These checks guarantee tax calculations on the test return coordinates the answers offers by IRS on the test returns.
    • These checks also make sure the software accurately organizes the test tax return data in XML format and the information can be effectively communicated to, received and the tax return saw by IRS.
  • When IRS decides the software accurately performs all needed functions it is affirmed for electronic filing.
  • Software vendors are permits to showcase their tax preparation software as endorsed for electronic filing to corporations and/or tax experts after the permission from IRS is received.
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