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Great site and very easy to use - Dianne Poole
Simple and amazing customer service. Edith form the chat line is awesome!! - Sylvia Greenfield
Excellent to use and get quick results. Outstanding customer service - Dianne Poole
very easy to use - Olga M Williams
Live assistance when I had a question - Dusty R Nickell
E_filing - Daniel J McClendon
vins stay in system - Loren G David
Easy and cheap cost - KYLE MCCABE
easy and cost-effective - Allegany Contracting Inc
It was easy friendly - Juan E Ruiz
easy to use - Cody T Smith
great price. If you keep those low prices you'll do great. Thank you for not ripping us off. It's bad enough we have to pay this tax many others. Thank you - PATRICIA JOHNSON
Your Pricing fee most of all.... I did really like your explanations as to what to do NEXT...and that I could go back and EDIT. ALSO I just HAPPENED to SEE the info where I could check MY STATUS of my IRS return.This info NEEDS to be more UP FRONT AND OUT THERE with that advice...I almost missed it! anyway I did and found REJECTED (SO GLAD I checked it cause the initial wording said SUCCESS and upon checking IRS rejected may have been a SUCCESS SENDING it but I took it to mean SUCCESSFUL acceptance by IRS So recommendation by YOU AS to IMPORTANCE to check STATUS is very NECESSARY!! then your advice to go back and Edit forms.and submit...should say Re-submit and that I WOULD NOT be charged by IRS twice was a relief! These directions and others like them were very easy to do and navigate back and forth without losing my page. I liked the fact too that I could stay on a page a long time while I went to find info and not be TIMED out...and if I did get TIMED out just login back in took me right back to where I left off!! THAT was GREAT! - Paul Langley
I really appreciate your service, made this so easy. - Todd Robert Volkening
Easy and price - Marsha Biddle
easy to use page layout and good pricing:) - Nadia chekhov
Great and easy service - Efrain M Villarreal
yes - Andrey Tsaritov
I like that the price was the best of all listed eFile providers along with only a couple others. Unfortunately, you must browse through each individually and find pricing. You were also the only of the very lowest fee available that also had live chat support standing by which is very assuring to know when you're dealing with something like business taxes. Great site! - Barry LeBlanc
easy to file and communication with chat - Andrey Tsaritov
pretty easy to use, a little trouble since i only use it once a year - David Titara
it worked I hate computers and it still worked - William culver
Online help - Dusty R Nickell
Easy to use simple instructions - Josh Steiner
Great Experience - Thomas Charles Luetzow
ease of use - low cost - quick turn around with schedule 1 - Cole Pankratz
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Violet was very helpfull - Laurie Hayn
someone is always available if i have a problem - Judi Catania
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Your representative Jefel provided excellent customer service. Thank you. - William Gregory Wallace
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Faster than I thought it would be. - DAVID LEE SCHNEMAN
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Lower pricing compared to other efilers, easy to file, Schedule 1 available in minutes, save money on stamps and travel. - Elena Prasolov
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Little problem getting started, but figured it out. - Joseph C Zimmerman
Fast - Boris Nikodimov
Very simple and easy to use. - Kevian T Dorsey
I liked Violet explaining everything to me - Avtar Singh
Violet with online customer support was excellent! - George Allspach
It was your on line customer service person that made it easy for me! Violet! Great job! - Curt Yelnick
got schedule1 in 2 mins - Cia

IRS 2290 schedule 1

IRS needs two copies of schedule 1. This needs to be duly filled and submitted to the IRS along with the filled in copy of the Form 2290 while filing. The IRS will stamp one copy and return to you for use as proof of payment when registering vehicle(s) with a state.

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IRS 2290 VIN corrections

VIN is Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17 digit number allotted to individual vehicles. They are used to uniquely identify motor vehicles. IRS provides an option in Form 2290 to correct any mistakes done in the VIN in the previous filings.

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IRS 2290 Amendments

Any change done to a previously filed return and filed again is called as an amended return. Form 2290 has a check box that needs to be selected, if the user wish to file an amended return.

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Form 8849 schedule 6

Any refund for the vehicles that was either sold/ destroyed or stolen, used less than the mileage use limit or tax overpaid can be claimed using Form 8849 with duly filled return.

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